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Happy HalloweenYou have been house hunting for the past few weeks. You have seen everything that is within your price range and has your minimum qualifications.

You have had to view and scrub the emails your agent sends you without fail.

It maybe that you had to cancel appointments or miss work to get out and view a new “hot” listing.

During some parts of the process, you may have become discouraged, but you have hung in there.

You keep telling yourself, “The right home has not come along, it will happen, I know it!”

Your real estate agent is always assuring you. They are doing their best to even show you homes before they hit the market for sale.

You have felt a plethora of positive and negative feelings during this process.

Then, all of a Sudden, your agent calls you or you see “The one”… This is the home you have been waiting for. The stars must have aligned to give you this opportunity.

Heck, even the price is something that is comfortable for you :)

“The school is perfect”, you think to yourself.

One of your family mentions that they feel as if the home is “smiling”. It’s warm and inviting and your Realtor wrote a pulitzer prize winning offer and the sellers accepted!

You tell everyone, you send it to your friends on facebook. You call mom and dad.

Heck, even if your closest friends were on another planet, they would have heard your happy screams.

You get the disclosures. These are documents as to what the seller knows about the property.

They say that someone died in the back bedroom of the home because of a “slip and fall” in the shower.

It wasn’t a murder/homicide.  It wasn’t natural causes – It was neither.  Someone slipped, fell and hit their head and died as a result right there.

What would you do???

Happy Halloween!!!


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{ Comments on this entry are closed }

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