Top Three ways to handle a Low Appraisal as a Home Buyer

First time buyers

SCV agents and local Realtors

When buying real estate and when you are needing a loan to do so, you are going to have to get an appraisal.

The Appraisal does not come as a result of you hiring them directly, as does the home inspector.

The Appraiser is going to be assigned by the bank that will be loaning you the money on the home you have the accepted offer on.

Welcome everyone, today is our daily Santa Clarita real estate radio installment on YouTube and we are proud to be of service.

We are local Real Estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and welcome you and thank you for tuning in to hear the last seven days of activity and the price changes that have occurred during the past week.

Monitoring the price changes brings us the intel that 65 real estate listings had their listing prices reduced for some amount. To bring about this “intel” it could have been reduced as little as a $1 to as much as, well – a lot :)

On today’s show during our Once  upon a time in Real Estate segment we spoke about Appraisals and the Top Three ways to handle an appraisal that comes in lower than the price you offered and had accepted as a real estate buyer.

Make sure you tune into the specific segment where I spoke about our Buyers that were experiencing the “Once Upon a Time in Real Estate” – that is 7:39

When you are looking for homes and real estate for sale – the best way in which to approach that is by using the system. It’s the actual Multiple Listing Service and will serve you well.

Make sure you also reach out to us when you are ready so we can take great care of you.

Be safe – and check out how to get your home value in 15 seconds:


Santa Clarita Truth in Lending Mortgage Radio episode 2015-141

Listen to what I'm going to tell you now

We are not lenders, we are local Santa Clarita Realtors. That is our disclaimer because we only do two things well and that is help people buy and sell homes.

However, it is necessary to keep tabs on the other “services” that are mostly necessary when buying homes and real estate.

This is not just for the “buyers edification and exposure”, our Santa Clarita real estate sellers also benefit from our Truth in Lending Thursdays real estate broadcast.

Today we gave the “warnings” about not using a local real estate lender. Those who are not within the Santa Clarita Valley, or wherever you may be buying a home.

While you will see many advertising their services on the TV, radio and within the pay per click ads on the top internet search engines, some won’t be local and will provide for you disservice.

It’s about being able to call a lender late at night. Being able to interrupt them during dinner when you need something important.

It is about finding one that will not “run silent and run deep” when you are at Zero Hour and have found that perfect home and need a pre approval matching the amount you are offering.

During the real estate transactions, it’s very necessary to have them available. Some lenders say that they don’t have to be available except between Monday thru Friday from 0900am to 5pm. They justify that statement due to the “main funding sources and escrow” not being open during other times than during regular business hours.

That is true hogwash and that is something that creates huge amounts of buyer frustration.

Hey Mr and Mrs Lender, know something? I can reach my Escrow officer late at night and during dinner and on vacation – same goes for the Title Officers we work with. Sometimes, having the answer makes our real estate clients happy.  With our method they are not sitting and wondering – they get answers!

Furthermore, we are able to reach the Santa Clarita Lenders that we work with at all hours during the day and night – This is our added benefit!


Exclusive real estate listing home selling agencies

Hire the best realtorsWhen you hire a company that is discounting the commission because they are going to sell your home exclusively, what can happen?

Well, you could have them bring you a buyer for your home, represent the same, and close the deal at the price you negotiated.

That way you would walk away happy and with money in your pocket.

I’m wondering how much more money you may walk away with, after paying a full commission, if you were to hire a “non discount” realtor that places your home in front of thousands of active Top Producing Realtors eyeballs?

They then would spread the word to their “qualified and approved” real estate buyers.

Those real estate buyers, in turn, would go and view your home and they would write offers.

Those Offers would then all have to be countered with something called in the real estate industry as, “Highest and Best”.

Highest – write the highest amount you’re willing to pay for the property, you are bidding against other buyers.

Best – make the terms best for the seller. Reducing time frames. Increasing the deposit. Obtaining “approved” status on the loan. Pre-negotiating the “not asking for repairs.”

I have been selling real estate since 1998. And I have friends that have sold their homes themselves and those that have hired a discount real estate agency.

In all the cases, when I found out their “story” I knew we could have gotten them more, “highest and best”, for their home than they were able to get themselves and the same goes for what the “discount” real estate broker got them.

Like I said, they were friends. And they will not being selling any real estate without us on their side from now on.

You owe it to yourself to make a call. Call us to see what type of offer we are able to procure for your home. (my phone number is at the top of this page)

We are plugged into so many channels that there is no possible way of a discount real estate broker having the same connections as we do, when they are not offering your home as being for sale to other real estate agents.

Searching the Best Multiple Listing Service

Searching the online real estate systemsBoth Paris and I agree about Real Estate search and the issues that can come about by using one that is not in your best interest.
We have found that the best real estate search tools are available via the local Multiple Listing Service.
However, that is not available to everyone. It is only available to the local Real Estate agents who supply that to their real estate clients to help facilitate their online searches.
We have brought the system to everyone who is looking in Southern California for real estate listings that are currently being offered tor sale.
From a Spammer's point of view, our MLS is a closed system. Your personal and private information will always remain in our safe custody.
It's not used to sign you up for anything, to pressure you into buying or selling a home, nor is it traded – sold or passed along.
Why? First, we are local real estate agents. We have a reputation to uphold. Plus, I hate it when I get spammed and start receiving newsletters and other crap after I has asked about something online, inquired about a product or met someone at a dinner party.
I'm sure you get it too. You will notice that there are only three statuses that will appear on our system.
They are:
Active – these are the real estate listings that are supposed to be actualy for sale right now. They are those which you are able to view and write offers on.
Backup – these are the real estate listings that have an accepted offer and where the sellers would like an additional offer to hold “in backup” if the primary falls out of escrow.

Pending – This is the real estate status where the sellers don't want to have any additional viewings/showings or any additional offers. They feel confident that the offer they have is going to make it to the finish line.

These are the three statuses that the system will show. Any other statuses showing is a waste and is viewed by the top Realtors as a game/hook.

Be safe when searching online and let us know when you are ready to move. We will be there for you as we have been for so many others that wanted to search for homes.

When you are ready sign up for our Crash Course on real estate



Why you may be too hasty in blaming your Lender if Closing is Late

Some may tell you that lenders are a dime a dozen.

Those same people may express the opinion that Real estate agents are also a dime a dozen.Real Estate agents

“Old Guy Definition”: For the Younger Crowd the reference “dime a dozen” refers to being easy to obtain, cheap and hinting that there is no difference from one to another.

This statement, “Lenders and Realtors are a Dime a Dozen”, is absolutely True!

Does that shock you?  It shouldn’t. The fact of the matter is we have tens of thousands of licensed Realtors in the State of California. In the United States we have Hundreds of Thousands of Realtors.

However, those Lenders and Real Estate agents(realtors), that are good at their craft and have the following traits are RARE!

  • A Lender that does daily “client follow up” with regard to the client’s file
  • A Lender that will reach out to a client even if there is no update
  • A Lender that enforces the closing date
  • Lenders that respond quickly to inquiries, emails, text messages and phone calls
  • Lenders that will allow you to have their cellular phone number
  • Lenders that don’t work just Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm
  • Lenders that field phone calls while at their kids soccer game
  • Lenders that will let you know they are on vacation but are able to update you with regard to your file

These traits, while not everything the BEST Real Estate lenders possess, are some which most real estate lenders do not have.

The same can be said about Escrow Officers, Title Officers, and Real Estate agents.

They are those who your real estate closing will rely on. It’s paramount that all parties, including the real estate agent on the other side of the table during a real estate transaction, keep on everyone else to perform!

Unfortunately, most do not. Most cannot even handle the items they are responsible for.

When you find a realtor or lender that has the compassion and drive to make every client feel as if they are the “only” client they have, that is truly special.

Okay, I’m off the soapbox now!  If you have not listened to our daily real estate radio show, I have posted the YouTube version at the start of my “rare realtors and lenders” rant.

Enjoy and reach out t0 me personally when you are ready for me to be of assistance with your real estate needs.

I’m Connor with HONOR at REMAX of Santa Clarita!

Santa Clarita daily real estate housing show 2015.125

Santa Clarita housing marketWe have just completed another real estate broadcast which shows that we are gaining in real estate inventory within the Santa Clarita Valley real estate realm.

During the production of our Daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show we have found that Santa Clarita Valley has a total of 625 active listings for sale.

With that I have been tracking another 366 homes that are in backup position within escrow.

The “backup” homes are those where the owners would like additional showings and would like to receive at least one additional offer.

However, before you get too excited know that not all homes that are in the backup offer status within escrow want additional showings and more offers.

Some agents use this status as a “hook” because they know that on the Major Syndication real estate websites they will still show as 100% active and for sale.

This is a detriment to those who are searching for real estate online and who don’t know some of the agent rationale.

The way you can ensure that you are searching the “active” listings is to use a system that obtains the listings directly from the Santa Clarita Multiple listing service.

Here is the additional intel about our local housing market:

  • 122 new Santa Clarita real estate listings resource: View the New Listings
  • 61 real estate listings have had their prices changed in the past 7 days resource: Properties with price changes
  • 40 Back on Market properties
  • 77 real estate listings entered the backup status in Santa Clarita Valley
  • 13 homes expired, not selling within contractual timeframes resource: If your home expired we have a solution
  • 65 real estate listings entered the pending status of escrow
  • 85 real estate listings sold, closing escrow with new homeowners resource: View the Sold Homes

Enjoy today’s real estate radio show and let us know when you are ready to move.

We will schedule an appointment with you and explore your wants and needs together!


Santa Clarita housing market updates for 2015.124

Top Blog Santa ClaritaLet’s have a look at the City of Valencia as it was reported on during our Weekly real estate broadcast.

We have inventory that has been increasing over the past few weeks. BTW, this trend is not only relevant in Valencia, but in the rest of the Santa Clarita Valley cities also.

We have current real estate inventory that has exceeded the current amounts we have seen in recent weeks. In fact, within all of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, we have 624 Active real estate listings currently on the market for sale.

I have been monitoring the real estate numbers as they relate to the Santa Clarita residential listings that are in escrow.

Within the California real estate venue, there are two types of “statuses” that are considered when you speak about real estate listings that are in escrow.

The first is Pending. The pending status in real estate is one where the agent is quite sure that the buyer is going to finish the transaction and make it to the sellers finish line.

In fact, when most listings are placed in the “pending” position, they are no longer advertised as being for sale within the “more reputable” real estate websites.

The “less reputable” real estate websites will show they as being fully active and for sale – sad but true.

That is why we have our Real Estate Search systems in place that show the listings that are really for sale in their true statuses.

The second “in escrow” condition is the Backup position. This is supposed to be a escrow status where the owner want’s to still have the property viewed and additional offers written. This additional offer is known as a “backup” offer.

Most of the real estate syndication websites will show these listings as being “active” in the Multiple Listing Service.  However, they are not active and that is misleading.

When you are seeing properties in “BackUp” position, have your agent call to see where they are in “the deal”. And if the buyer is performing or if they maybe slacking.

If “slacking” it may be the case where your agent is able to move in and “take over” the deal with you as the buyer!

Reach out to us for our crash course on real estate and we will have you into our offices in short order to explore your real estate goals and help you achieve them!

90-day stats for Single Family properties in
VALENCIA, CA as of May 15, 2015
Median List Price:$583,235Average List Price:$602,318
Total Inventory:86Price per Square Foot:$263
Average Home Size:2,234Median Lot Size:6,181
Average # Beds:3.81Average # Baths:2.79
Homes Absorbed:19Newly Listed:21
Days on Market:56Average Age:24

90-day stats for Condo properties in
VALENCIA, CA as of May 15, 2015
Median List Price:$346,048Average List Price:$365,788
Total Inventory:54Price per Square Foot:$284
Average Home Size:1,227Median Lot Size:n/a
Average # Beds:2.30Average # Baths:2.05
Homes Absorbed:10Newly Listed:11
Days on Market:53Average Age:21

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