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What can I expect on a home that is not allowed to be shownI know, it’s backwards. However, games such as these are still being played by some of the real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Properties of these types are typically Short Sale in nature.

I mean, who would not want to sell their home for the most amount of money in the shortest time possible?

That is the goal of a Tried and True Real Estate agent, isn’t it?

Let me remove the “tried and true” statement and just leave it “real estate agent”.

Some agents are still playing games – As Realtors that hate this type of game, we like to point it out to our real estate buyers and even sellers, for informational purposes only.

Here are the Confidential Remarks from the MLS listing sheet, I have removed anything of a Confidential Nature, but have left the statement in tact and have not added any additional information to it.

Short sale. All terms subject to lender approval. Subject to inspection. DO NOT SHOW – DRIVE BY ONLY! DO NOT CALL FOR STATUS, SEE STATUS IN MLS!! SHORT SALE WILL TAKE 4 MONTHS DUE TO OWNER RESTRICTIONS. Financed offers will not be reviewed per owner unless buyer has a pre-qual letter from (insert name and phone number of a lender here) We will not be reviewing offers until 10/31/2014.

Ok – let me break this down so I understand it.

Short sale – that’s good – that is the sale type.

All Terms subject to lender approval – that is also good, that means price and everything is dependent on the bank, investor, or owner entity approving the short sale completely.

Subject to inspection – Also good – but what type of inspection?  Visual, physical, geological :) – I’m assuming that offers are to be written subject to inspection.

Do Not Show – Drive by only – Do not call for Status – See Status in the MLS…

Now, that is just plain mean. I understand the drive by only comment. Maybe there are folks inside with special needs or maybe the property is tenant occupied.

Drive by Only – I get that, don’t contact those people inside of the home for any reason.

Do not Call for Status – This one I have a problem with. Is the listing agent so busy they don’t want agents calling?  I know it says for “status”, but when leaving messages and texts with no response, asking about other items that are “needed to be known” for our buyers, that is just plain rude.

See Status in the MLS – of course, but with so many things having gone unanswered, that creates interesting thoughts in a Buyers Mind, not to mention in the mind of a Savvy Realtor.

Short Sale will take 4 months – We know that short sales take time, so this is understood.

Financed offers will not be reviewed per owner unless the buyer has a pre-qual letter from… – This is something that occurs from time to time. We always want our sellers buyers to pre qualify with our lender too. That is nothing new and keeps the seller safe. But to what extent? Is their lender to speak with our buyers lender to see how their clients stack up? Or are they going to run their credit, potentially harming their score with an additional inquiry?  This one needs to be known, hence the returning of a phone call would be nice, not for status – but for an answer to this and other things!

We will not be reviewing offers until… – 13 days later, offers from those that are going to write before visiting the property in person will be reviewed then a decision will be made.

We have handled our own fair share of short sales. In fact, that was a majority of our business only a few years ago.

Personally, we never have included remarks such as these. We love to speak with those that have questions regarding any real estate listing we have.  Short Sale or not. On my soapbox and now I’m off…  We have been serving our clients since 1998!  Have a Nice Day!


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