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REMAX of Valencia has a redesigned websiteThis week in real estate has the Santa Clarita Valley realtors looking for new ways to generate business.

This is because the local SCV real estate market seems to be straining under the weight of buyers slowing their home purchasing and real estate searches.

Additional resource: Latest Santa Clarita housing market update

Most of the real estate sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley cities have been experiencing the “sellers woes” with regard to their home being shown.

We hear from agents all of the time how their sellers are “thankful” when buyers head over and view the real estate that is “trying” to be sold.

My REMAX of Valencia CA Team sees it too when we take buyers into a home that needs to have the dust knocked off of the “showing schedule”.

Make sure you are hiring the best and most savvy agent you can find in our valley. Call us so you may interview my team and I.

Be safe – talk soon and thanks for reading our Santa Clarita Valley real estate and market updates.

Also – We have been hard at work with a new face and re-design of our REMAX of Valencia CA Website.

Check it out and let us know if you find any “bugs” that need to be attended to by yours truly…

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September 12, 2014 SCV Housing MarketWe just completed the latest Santa Clarita housing market radio show titled our “finale Fridays”.

One of the things that we spoke about on today’s Santa Clarita real estate radio show had to do with New Listings.

We are making a comeback with regard to new Santa Clarita real estate inventory making it back onto the market.

For a while, we were reduced in the 50’s and 60’s when it came to new SCV listings.

Today, we see that The Santa Clarita Valley Cities have also had 84 price changes with regard to the listed real estate.

Additional Resource: View the latest Price Changes in Santa Clarita Valley.

During the past several months, we have seen similar trends with the real estate market. Buyers, are continuing to buy homes, but their pace has slowed down.

Potentially, this is due to the prices having increased, in some cases 20-25% between the bottom of the market and current levels. This is 12-15% off of Peak Housing Prices.

However, with interest rates as low as they are, buyers are still interested in being home owners.

30 Real Estate listings have come back on the market for sale, after being in escrow for a time. This could be for a variety of reasons. The buyers could have changed their minds. The seller may not have wanted to repair what the buyers wanted. It could be that the appraisal came in lower than the seller needed to net. And More…

When approaching real estate, work with experts only and make sure you give our Paris911 Team a Call. We are With RE/MAX of Valencia CA Offices and look forward to speaking with you.

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