Santa Clarita realtorsI stared in real estate in 1998. That was the year I was licensed and became a Realtor. I actually started representing buyers and sellers of homes at that time.(seems simple and overstated – but some realtors include the time when they bought their first home as being part of the time in which they have been “in real estate”)

However, I knew very little and was a small fish in a ocean of sharks. At that time, if you were to have asked me about police procedure – I knew that inside out. If you wanted to know the best way to tactically approach a doorway to give you the most advantage, I could tell you and show you.

Real estate – that is a whole different animal. It’s sales – and Cops, above everyone, hate to be sold…

I did not let that stop me, for I was about protecting those I worked along side with the LaPD.  They made up our first clients for the most part during the first years in real estate.

I thought, up until this AM, I had seen most everything that could happen.

I have had deals cancelled because buyers found out that the sellers thought the home was haunted.

I have been viewing properties where I encountered females that had just stepped out of the shower and who I can confirmed the showing appoint with.

Those are interesting scenarios to be certain.

Today, I was at a home inspection appointment. The Buyer’s son was present and the home inspector was also. The seller was in the kitchen working on the computer.

It was time for the inspector to head into the attic. So the buyer’s son followed suit. A few minutes went by and I was thinking to myself, seems like a lot of noise – I wonder if the buyer’s son is up in the attic too?

A few minutes later I heard the crash and my attention was routed to the ceiling over the living area.

I observed a black converse “chuck taylor” shoe and leg up to the knee protruding through the ceiling.

There was debris on the floor, including some Owens Corning Insulation drywall.

I continued to sit and observe – at which the time the seller ran into the room screaming.

She wanted to make sure everyone was okay. So did I. Slowly, after getting an affirmative response to our query, the leg retracted back into the ceiling.

Everyone was okay, just the ego of the buyers son was harmed. The buyers son will be getting the ceiling repaired and exchanged information with the home owner.

I had thought I had seen it all – but apparently not…

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Santa Clarita real estate radio showMonitoring the daily real estate information and data has it’s advantages.

For example, when out on the town, when someone asks how we are “doing with regard to real estate” I am able to say things like this:

  • Great – did you know we have added 103 new real estate listings to the Santa Clarita Valley available inventory in the past 7 days.
  • This means that we have a total of 560 active homes for sale.
  • The other signs that indicate we are on the road to Real Estate Recovery are those that depict the current Foreclosure levels being at having only 15 active REO and Bank owned listings on the market.
  • Did you know that we had 46 homes sell during the past 7 days – buyers are buying and sellers are wanting to sell.

Advantages it has to be one with the local Real Estate Market (in my best Yoda Voice)

The question of the day was a bit confusing – it was as follows via email: “Should I sign anything before the selling price is agreed upon?”

This question leads me to believe that we are being asked by a real estate seller. Maybe he has been “pitched” by agents saying they are offering something very secret. They may want him to sign some document, that keeps everything they say to him a secret?  HA – Secret Squirrel Nonsense.

I thought the days of smoke and mirrors, pertaining to real estate and sales in general, were behind us. Who in the world falls for crap like this anymore anyway?  I suppose the unfortunate thing is 1 is far too many :(

Here is the deal. You are hiring someone to sell your home. You will want to ask them questions pertaining to themselves and how they are going to sell your home better than other agents.

Resource: See the BEST questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent

After you do that, sit back and listen. One Question, one response. Remember, you are doing the questioning and interviewing. Don’t let them turn the tables against you.

LOL – let the agent know, they will have time for cross examination, just not during your direct examination :)

Seriously, you as a real estate seller and buyer are contacting a real estate agent much later in the buying or selling process these days.

With so much information available online – the “old ancient high pressure and tricky” sales approaches are something that real estate buyers hate.

I suppose, looking back at my dad’s experience with sales people, he hated it back in the 70’s and 80’s…

Find someone that you like and use them. Don’t let anyone run a game on you.

There are way too many good Realtors in the world. If you are in our neck of the woods – the Greater Los Angeles Areas – Reach out to me. If you are elsewhere – contact me anyway and I’ll find someone that is “one of us”.

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