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When it comes to buying homes, there are several lending options that you may be qualified for. However, you are not going to know that until you speak with a qualified real estate lender.

Some in the world of buying want to hire the lender who can do the deal for the least amount of money. Sometimes that Cost Versus Value thing falls short when the deal does not close and when a Real Estate buyers is having to pay $$$ out of pocket for every day late…

Point being, in real estate – hire the best realtor and lender you can find.BEST multiple listing service for Santa Clarita Valley Cities

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This week’s real estate market update is showing the Santa Clarita real estate market continuing to show down a bit with regard to housing prices, sales and buyer activity.

We put up some remarkable numbers this AM with Reference to real estate on our Santa Clarita real estate radio show. Truth in Lending Thursdays.

Mike Meena At Augusta Financial Quoted the following in his Lending News Feed:

  • 30 year fixed conventional loan with 20% down – 4.125 percent
  • 15 year fixed conventional loan 20% down – 3.250 percent
  • 30  year fixed FHA loan 3.5% down – 3.75 percent
  • 30 year fixed VA loan 0 down – 3.75 percent

These rates are based ona $400k loan amount and a 740 credit score – they do change weekly folks – so make sure you contact your Trusted Lender, or contact us so we can give you ours.

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What is your home or any worth now 600Google+

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The breakdown is as follows: 71 real estate listings sold in the past 7 days in the Santa Clarita Valley.

17 of the sold properties were price increases. (up green arrow)

13 sold for their listing price. (no arrow)

41 real estate listings sold for less than their listing price. (down red arrow)

Sold Saturdays Santa Clarita Valley

What is your home or any worth now 600Google+

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