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Top real estate newsDid you ever want to get the real estate news all in one place?

Radio Show

We have that. By you going to our Main Santa Clarita real estate website, clicking on the “play” button, that is front and center, you will get the latest real estate news report via our Radio Show.

Tomorrow, we are going to have our Thursdays Truth in Lending Broadcast, where we will speak about the lenders that are 9-5 and Monday Through Friday only. They are not able to be reached after hours and on weekends or on holidays.

Does this matter to a real estate buyer?  It may, but depends on the circumstances. We will cover all of those items on our Thursdays Truth in Lending Broadcast.

Market Update

Earlier this week, on Monday – We had our real estate market updates. On that show, we got into the intel and data points for the SCV Cities real estate world.

We are finding that in a couple of cities, we have a depression of sorts, this is not due to lacking buyer activity, but due to the lacking inventory.

Price Changes are a popular topic as well with regard to Santa Clarita Valley real estate. We comment on the price changes specifically during our Friday Finale Broadcast on our Radio Show.

Mobile apps for home search

Mobile apps are quite the Buzz when it comes to searching for real estate. However, most people don’t want that type of commitment. Plus the apps do a great job tracking your search habits.

Most of our clients want a system that is responsive in nature and those they don’t have to download anything for from their mobile device.

We have our Santa Clarita Websites giving the option to utilize a Mobile Optimized Real Estate search, right when you first land on the homepage from any mobile device.

This works well for most people due to the system being responsive in nature. You can search the actual Multiple Listing Service.  I only use systems that update soon than 7 minutes with a maximum cap of 15 minutes.  And those that are Direct From the MLS!!!

I have to make that previous comment because, too many apps are not tied to the Board and are full of “tricks” to get you to give up who you are.

Showing Time showing scheduling service

Showing Time – A Showing Scheduling service was extremely transparent. I called and did not receive a call back on the same day or even during the next couple of days, when attempting to schedule a showing for two different properties in Santa Clarita Valley.

I did a YouTube Video about using Showing Companies and shared on Twitter with the hashtag #showingtime,

Low and behold – they pinged me back, stating they would be on the case to find out what happened.

They had a manager call me and pinged the owner as well.

They also posted up my “complaint” youtube video on their Twitter Feed.

Impressed was I. It’s hard to find that kind transparency in business for Sure.

If ShowingTime keeps treating me like this, I may have to sign up!


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How much is my creekside home in valencia worthWhile the market has slowed down, and while buyers are still wanting to buy and sellers wanting to sell, we cannot help but wonder if all the “slow down” is due to the holidays coming up fast.

This Monday we presented our Market Update Mondays, they have been great at giving us and our clients the latest recon about the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and the real estate market herein.

We spoke about Days on Market Timeframes increasing this past week and that in Valencia we are seeing that the DOM has flattened out this week compared with last week.

The Median Listing Price in Valencia CA, pertaining to condos and town-homes, is $325,000. We have been tracking 53 real estate listings that have been on the market for an average of 70 days.

My REMAX of Valencia CA team has also seen that inventory has been lightening lately and the Market Action Index has been trending up. However, the MAI, market action index, is still slowing our Valencia CA market deep within the Sellers Market zone.

Resource: View the rest of the SCV Cities market reports

On our Travel Tuesdays Broadcast, we went on a short journey within our Main Santa Clarita real estate website. While there we spoke about two of our most used Tabs located on the home page on the left side of the screen.

Foreclosures – This is a system that we have built that gives our investors, buyers and distressed sellers intel about what is happening in the “off market” distressed property venues. With the ability to search the off market real estate inventory, the bank owned, real estate owned, and the pre foreclosure inventory, it is a great resource that we are very proud of.

New Homes – This is where you go to have us represent you with regard to buying new construction. The new home centers in Santa Clarita Valley have their agents in place that are representing the new home builder. I know our clients are glad when we go in with them and represent them when it comes to buying a new Santa Clarita or Southern California home. We also speak about our New Home Buyer Benefit and how it will save those buyers that utilize our team money.

There is nothing quite a good as having a “knowledgeable” Realtor on your side to run the interference for you and who knows the “right” questions to ask the new home real estate agent working for the builder…

We will continue to build the Santa Clarita real estate radio show in our 7 day a week format and presentation. Today we did our Truth in Lending Broadcast. We spoke about the 14 ways that you can screw up your home loan so you won’t be able to buy a home. (it was fun to put together and may give you some insight as to what “not to do” if you want your loan to be approved).

Here is that presentation. Go to our Main Santa Clarita real estate site and listen to our daily real estate radio show. Thanks for listening and reading my stuff :) – I’ll be here when you are ready for our real estate help.

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