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When I was with the LAPD, we kept safe by observing the signals that were produced by those we came into contact with.

Some cops were better than others in “distinguishing” the more subtle signals. – as you may imagine :)

Sweaty and clenched fists with “forced phrases” was always a huge danger sign, and an easy one to identify.

When I went full time in real estate, I knew that body language was also very important, from both the agents and clients perspective.

From a Real Estate agents perspective, when I see that clients I’m speaking with have crossed arms and legs, I know they are “closed”. They are unsure of the situation and are guarding themselves.

So, seeing they are unsure or timid of being around a salesperson, I speak to them from a safety and protective standpoint. I observe, slowly at times, they open up and drop their guard. Most times, I ask them if they are okay and if they understand everything I am speaking about.

Typically, they drop their guard and don’t understand, wanting me to clarify.

It is times like those that I feel as if I am helping the most. To take a situation of confusion and turn it around to a scenario of understanding.

Real Estate is complicated, but not so complicated as not to take the time to help a real estate client understand what they are getting into.

We had clients in our offices the other day, we were the fourth team they had interviewed on that very day.

They thought they wanted to work with a REMAX agent, but interviewed agents from two other companies, plus another that was with RE/MAX.

They were pleasant and at the end of my interview, they told me they wanted me to be their Realtor and represent them.

Those are always wonderful words to hear, I said I’d be glad to and they started discussing the “fast pitches” and “strong arm” tactics they encountered earlier in the day from the other three Realtors.

The comparison to “car salesmen” was mentioned. When I train realtors, I explain to them to be “real”.

Speak to people as they(the agent) would want to be spoken to.

But, what can you do when some are only focused on the money and not the client… 

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Develop a game plan for real estate nowWith a recent report from a large Syndication real estate website that empowered a Fox News Real Estate report, they opine that the real estate market won’t return to being healthy until 2017.

The View of “healthy” has to do with housing prices being the same they were before the fall.

Now, while I’d love to have that equity back, I don’t know if that demonstrates a “healthy” real estate market.

There was a lot going on during the times of real estate increasing in value 25-30k a month.

Buyers were buying, sellers were selling, lenders were lending and appraisers were appraising. Kind of like now, but without any brakes or forethought…

The market was moving very fast and he investors were flipping real estate, as if on a mission.

Additional Resource: Listen to our Daily Real Estate Broadcast

Some investors and homebuyers started on a long road to recovery when the bottom fell out of the market.

We entered into a Foreclosure and Short Sale plagued real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and elsewhere in the United States.

My Team personally observed many “help you save your home” companies springing out of no where, wanting to get a piece of the “distressed” real estate pie.

Like Chum is to Sharks, the distressed real estate world brought out many a predator.

I am not sure if we are ready for another market such as was created by the events of the so called build of the last “healthy real estate market”.

Looking at real estate today in the SCV Cities and Greater Los Angeles Areas. While we are not at “peak numbers”, as far as prices are concerned, real estate has made a substantial recovery.

In some of the SCV Cities we observed 50% declines from peak numbers to the real estate bottom.

Additional Resource: View the historical Prices in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities

Since that time we have recovered between 15 to 30% depending on the city, neighborhood and housing type.

That’s not too bad. People now have equity for the first time in a long time. Buyers are more sure of their buying decisions knowing how the appraisers get their values checked and re checked.

Lenders have new “sets of rules” to abide by and see where the “teeth” are in the frivolous loans.

What about Real Estate agents you may ask?  I am only able to speak for my Paris911 Team of Santa Clarita Realtors, “We are still pressing forward showing real estate, listing and selling the same.”

Your real estate journey, whether buying, selling or both, should always start with a plan. That plan can be obtained from your local Real Estate professional during a Strategy Meeting.

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