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To own or not to own a homeHere are some to reasons advocating home ownership. We have seen these “comfort” points with our own real estate buyers, during our Crash Course on real estate held at our Paris911 Team REMAX of Santa Clarita offices.

First and Foremost – The Tax Break.  There are a lot of things you can write off with regard to your home, see your accountant for specifics. However, the most prevalent is the “Mortgage Interest” deduction. Being able to have “removed from paid taxes” the interest that is being paid on your mortgage. During the first few years, a majority of your payment is interest, if you have the ‘earned’ income to deduct, you are in a good place.

How about Security – If you continue to make your mortgage payments for 30 years, the home will be yours. Barring any borrowing against it or refinancing (depending on terms). Landlords can be difficult to have and owning something that is “yours” rocks.

Equity Happens - From the time you start making your payments, each and every month, you are paying down your mortgage balance. And if the market cooperates, the home will build in equity (amount owed versus the amount worth).

Appreciation and real estate – An interesting statistic – not opinion, but fact. Homes have increased in value by 6.2% per year on average over the past 50 years. To make sense of this, if you own your home for 16 years, your home could be worth double of what you paid for it.

Flexibility like a Back Bridge - When you have equity on your home, you can borrow money against it. You can Connor MacIvor bridgeuse that money, in most cases to pay stuff off. In some cases it has to be used for home improvements. However, having this flexibility is only afforded to homeowners and not renters.

What about Annuity? – Let’s say for grins and giggle, your home gets too big for you as your nest, if you have one, clears out. You could sell and move down and live off of the equity you built in your earlier years.

Payment Stability - If you get a fixed rate mortgage loan – your payment never changes.  When it comes to property taxes, they are currently at 1.25% in Los Angeles county. They can be increased up to 2% per year and your home insurance fluctuates too.  However, consider if you were renting today, where would those rent prices be in 10+ years?

Renting versus owningThere are a few reasons why some should keep renting real estate, not buying . However, there are far more reasons validating home ownership as the “BEST option” when it comes to having to live somewhere.

Be safe and let my Paris911 Team know when you are ready to MOVE and we will be there for you!  Make sure you get what your home is worth – from a Real Live Top Producing Realtor in your local market.

The same resource can be used by real estate buyers, so they get the intel to make the best offer possible on a home they want to buy.

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Super real estate search for homes in Southern CaliforniaI love internet resources. One of the items that we work on diligently is making our search engines better and better. Giving our clients a way to search where they are not being placed at risk when it comes to their personal and private information.

Some websites don’t even get their real estate listings directly from the Source, the local Boards of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.

That is a crime, they go directly to the real estate Brokers, bypassing the “true keepers of the data”,  because the MLS won’t give them the license to import the listings.

What if you are searching for real estate where the Broker does not allow the listings to be syndicated through their company to the Big Syndication websites?  Then you could potentially not see all of the real estate listings.

Make sure you are searching on a Real, Live and Licensed real estate agents website. Ask your broker/agent if they have a system that you can use to search for homes and real estate online.

Even the newest agents have a website that is capable of searching for the currently active homes and real estate. If the agent you are using does not have a website, have them call me. I don’t do websites for anyone else, but I’d be glad to point them in the right direction.

If they want to save some coin and do it themselves, I can show them how I do some of our Simpler Websites, those I build for my Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA.

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