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My REMAX of Valencia and REMAX of Santa Clarita Real Estate team do a lot of information sharing with our clients and those who are interested in real estate intel.

We started because of what I used to do with the LAPD, I trained. I taught. I had to know the teaching material cold.

Plus, our teaching in the Firearms Section at Davis Training Academy, was not by the book alone.

We had to demonstrate our superior knowledge of the subject matter.

We had to be Subject Matter Experts. We had to stand in front of the class and conduct live drills at an Expert skill level when it came to being able to perform manipulation clearances.

I have brought that with me as it relates to real estate. We have to know the answers to the “hard questions”. We also have to know the questions that a real estate client should be asking.

Some have to do with how do I buy a home? Others, What are the best questions to ask a lender when I'm wanting to borrow money? Additional Resource:

These questions span the gammet between a client wanting to search for a Bank Owned home to looking for that next great “flipping” opportunity. Additional Writings:

Sellers have questions too. They want to make sure they are only paying for things as they are necessary. They also need to find out the answers to the questions having to do with marketing, advetising and exposure for their home, condo or townhome. Additonal Resources for Sellers:

When you are ready to “hire the right agent” :) – sorry could not resist. Reach out to my Team and I to see how we operate and how we are able to BEST serve you and your real estate needs. Check out our Relocation Blog at


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Real Estate Radio ShowWe do a lot of “explanative” real estate videos because they give our real estate buyers the tools to help them be protected and to succeed on their own personal real estate journey.

We do the same for our real estate sellers and they are thankful we “put it out there” and explain how it works.

The days of the “man behind the curtain” are gone.

What is the most important thing to consider when buying a home, condo or a townhome? We spoke about that today during one of our weekly interviews from the one of the new real estate agents wanting to ask questions about “how we are successful”.

One day, I will speak about our clients, and how they are the reason that our REMAX of Santa Clarita Paris911 Team is successful.

Enjoy the video and this week, we have some exciting stuff coming about.

Monday will be our market updates for the Santa Clarita real estate homes, condos and townhomes. We should have those PDF reports up by the later afternoon, posted within our MacboX at the Paris911 Home Page.

Just type the words “market updates” into it to gain access to our housing market reports.

Remember our daily real estate radio show – you can find that also in the margin on this blog and on our real estate home page –


What is your home or any worth now 600Google+


Is your real estate agents pitch and body language putting you off

When I was with the LAPD, we kept safe by observing the signals that were produced by those we came into contact with. Some cops were better than others in “distinguishing” the more subtle signals. – as you may imagine Sweaty and clenched fists with “forced phrases” was always a huge danger sign, and an […]

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What is a healthy real estate market

With a recent report from a large Syndication real estate website that empowered a Fox News Real Estate report, they opine that the real estate market won’t return to being healthy until 2017. The View of “healthy” has to do with housing prices being the same they were before the fall. Now, while I’d love to […]

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Santa Clarita real estate on Zillow – Comparison Update

Zillow is a real estate syndication website. The origination of “most” of their real estate listings can be traced back to the actual Board of Realtors. However, there are sometimes their numbers are “different” than the inventory being reflected in the actual Board of Realtors MLS system. This is Us speaking about those “differences” in […]

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Sold Saturdays for Santa Clarita Valley real estate Radio

The real estate radio show was completed this AM around 1000hrs. We spoke about who we are and the local markets. We also talked about a blog post we wrote, with the help of a CNBC reporter, with regard to a report about Phoenix AZ real estate and those specific trends. Resource: Click to listen […]

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Is there reason for concern with the current real estate market?

We just finished the latest installment of the Santa Clarita Real Estate Radio Show – Have a listen! One of the things we spoke about, besides the local real estate inventory, is the days on market increases and the increases in properties falling out of escrow and expiring before they sell.  The Phoenix AZ market […]

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