Travel Tuesdays Real Estate Radio broadcast

“Don’t have a cardiac arrest finding your next Nest – Use!”

I love the rhyme – enjoy the system we have put in place to search for the MLS based listings. This is everything that is “real” in the real estate listing world.

We have to be licensed Realtors, our Broker has to be licensed and a Realtor, everything has to be approved by the Local Boards of Realtors and that is not an easy feat.

With seven to fifteen minute updates, you will see the newest real estate listings first.

If you register to get the listings emailed to you, then you will get them at the moment the local real estate agents do. and that is all I have to say about that!

Santa Clarita Realtors and real estateWhere are we this week?

Looking at the current real estate inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities – we have these numbers to report.

I have been monitoring 554 Active real estate listings for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. These include Acton, Agua Dulce, Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia.

I have also been keeping my eye on the 306 BackUp real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities that are in the backup status of escrow – current numbers as of 3/3/2015.

We also have another 255 Pending real estate listings that are in the “pending” status of escrow.

For more information about what the backup status and the pending statuses are – go to the MacBoX in the margin of this blog, type into it the words – Backup or Pending, respectively.

As far as the Distressed real estate inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, we have a total of 26 real estate listings that are “REO, Foreclosure” in nature. If you want to see these, go to our macBoX and type in the word: Foreclosures into the MaCBoX!

Tune into our real estate radio show hosted at our main Santa Clarita real estate website.

Or, you can listen in the margin of this Santa Clarita Realtor Blog!

Tune in on Wednesdays for our REO Wednesday and Foreclosure, with distressed real estate intel, radio show! – It’s a mouth full, but you will notice that there will be a lot to speak about when it comes to the distressed housing inventory for the Cities within the Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles areas!

Walk ability score for Homes and Real Estate on the market

Do you like to walk?

Where do you find the walk score for homesMost people don’t have issues with walking, and if you live, or want to move to some Southern California Cities, you will fall in love with walking.

There is something to be said, being able to go out for dinner, and only have to walk.

I think that is what attracts Paris and I to San Francisco, West Los Angeles and the Town Center Living spaces in Valencia.  They have some great walk scores.

There are very few that can compare with San Francisco – but some are pretty close.

Our real estate clients want you to know the best ways to search for home by walk ability factor.

In case you were wondering, “walk ability” is a score given to homes and real estate for sale. The higher the score, the more “car-less” you are able to become. The Lower the walk ability score, the more car dependent you will be.

Imagine a Walk ability Score of 100% – you can search for those types of real estate listings in Southern California.

I did another youtube video showing the 5 real estate listings, at the time of the recording of that video, that had a 100% walk ability score. They were located in Los Angeles – which is a “hop skip and a jump” from our REMAX Powerhouse Offices.

Enjoy our Real Estate Search resources – you will never be asked to register to search for homes our “True” Multiple Listing Service real estate search systems!  I guarantee it…

We would love the opportunity to be your Realtors of choice, but not by tricking you into it!  I hate that way!!!

Santa Clarita Daily News for local Housing Radio

When it comes to real estate, we always want to have the com…

It’s Connor MacIvor with RE MAX of Santa Clarita Valley and the Paris911 Team of Realtors.

Paris911 –  here is how that breaks down in actual language. Paris is for a person, not that person, but one of the team leaders of our Realtor Team HQ’d in the SCV Cities. Connor is the 911, That would be who’s typing feverishly on the keyboard now, explaining who we are and why Paris911.

As stated, we are in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Representing Buyers and Sellers of homes and real estate.

Today is our Sold Saturdays broadcast where we speak about the listings that have sold and whether they sold for more of less than their listing price.

With regard to the numbers for the local Housing Market and the sold Saturdays Broadcast, we have some very positive news related to the current market.

Meaning, properties are selling for more than listing price, at least a quarter of the time. That is good news as it relates to the local market and economy.

We will keep track of the home prices in the coming months and pass that information along to you as well.

Later this week – after our Open House Sunday broadcast, we will give you the Market Update reports this coming Monday.

We will upload our PDF files into our Blog for our RE MAX Realtor Team.

You will be able to access our Santa Clarita Housing reports by going to our main SCV Realtor Website and by typing in the words:  Market Updates  – into the MaCBox at the top of the screen.

Whew – have a great day, I know I will and won’t be home until after 7 pm tonight…

Be safe – call me at any time at 661.400.1720 and I will either answer if in between real estate appointment, or will call you back at my next available moment!

Daily real estate radio broadcast for SCV Cities 2015.059

Today’s real estate radio show was a little later than most.

Paris911 home search at REMAXI wanted to cover the Santa Clarita Price Changes for our clients, as we do each and every Friday.

This has become known as our Friday Finale Broadcast for Santa Clarita real estate and housing.

First – Here are several links that we have just built for a couple of our clients.

When you are a real estate buyer and are venturing outside of the “core Santa Clarita cities”, you will want to have access to another Board of Realtors MLS data.

The MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service – it is the warehouse of all real estate listings that are for sale by the Local Realtors.

The “fall apart” comes when the HUGE real estate syndication websites lose their feed from the MLS boards and Boards of Realtors.  This happens more than you can imagine.

Your saving grace is having a Realtor that is able to build direct pages from the Multiple Listing Service and here we have both boards of Realtors represented.

The GAVAR – the Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors

The SRAR – The Southland Regional Association of Realtors

The Palmdale Listings for Homes and real estate via GAVAR

Acton CA real estate listings from GAVAR

Here are the Acton CA Homes for sale from the SRAR

Palmdale homes and real estate from SRAR

You may see some overlap – but this way you are able to find everything that is currently for sale in the cities of Palmdale CA and Acton CA.

We are able to build you one for the city or cities of interest.

Be safe – remember, we never require registration to search on any of our websites for Santa Clarita, Los Angeles and our other cities of representation.

The only reason you would register to search with any Santa Clarita Paris911 Team system is to have the newest listings sent to your email address.




Breaking the ice with Foreclosures at Dinner Parties

real estate newsForeclosures and Bank Owned real estate always carry the connotation of being “stellar deals”.

So, at cocktail parties and during the beginning phases of dinner, they are always good conversation starters.

Try some of these “foreclosure intros” on for size:

  • Did you see Connor’s Latest Foreclosure Broadcast on YouTube?

  • What about those Santa Clarita foreclosures?

  • Can you believe there are 167 Short Sale properties still up for sale in the SCV?

  • Wow – did you lose weight :)

While, this has always been the case, some real estate markets are more “foreclosure oriented” than others.

We have been watching as real estate entered into the last Foreclosure/Bank Owned cycle. This was late 2006 and early 2007 – through 2013…

I completed our daily real Estate radio show earlier this morning. Today we spoke about the Distressed inventory and some of the time frames that we have been seeing in the distressed Santa Clarita real estate market.

Please enjoy the latest Santa Clarita real estate daily show and I promise to keep you all posted as to the new “stuff” that is prevalent in our local housing markets.

We are with REMAX of Valencia and proud to be of service!

Santa Clarita Real estate market update – First Time Buyers

We just completed our Travel Tuesdays Broadcast, where we spoke about the “first time buyer” issues that come up from time to time.

One of the things that my REMAX of Valencia CA Team knows for sure is that we appreciate a good buyer representative.Real Estate buyers

Buyer agents are a dime a dozen. Good buyers agents are rare.

  • Those that will do the search for their clients.

  • Those that are not scared of making a lower than asking price offers.

  • The buyers agents that have their clients “six” no matter what.

  • Buyers Reps that are available on weekends and after hours.

Those types are RARE!

That is all we employ at REMAX of Santa Clarita.

The last thing we want said is that we were not “communicative” with our real estate clients.

We always to work for our real estate clients and care what happens in the end.

Be sure to have a look at our main Santa Clarita real estate website.

We also have a daily real estate radio show that we produce and are glad to have you listen in.


The Santa Clarita real estate daily show has been completed

When it comes to real estate and the way in which things work, we try to keep our fingers on the pulse of housing in the SCV cities.

Today, during our broadcast I thought we would talk about a circumstance where an active home that on the market for sale, may not be.

We ran into this yesterday with Percy and Lisa. Percy and Lisa are two of our real estate clients that have had their eye on a home that has been on the market 180 days.

It’s a standard sale – so the “interesting developments” and “extended time frames” that exist, with short sales, don’t enter this picture.Questions for realtors

The 180 days on market timeframe, which was the case with this listing, for a Standard Sale Listing in the Santa Clarita Valley is strange. This is because our Average time frame for selling homes in the SCV is between 60-80 days on market.

When I first observed the days on market, I was sure that this home had been in escrow for quite some time in the past.

As my eyes scanned the page and got to the Confidential Remarks, those that only Agents are privy too, I observed what I thought to be true.

“This home is subject to the cancellation of the previous escrow.”

This means, they were indeed on the market for sale, they entered escrow and then the deal was “going to be” cancelled for some reason.

This could have been because the real estate buyer found out something that was “wrong” with the home they were in escrow with.

The real estate buyer may have lost their ability to finance the home that they wanted to buy. This could have come about with them losing their job, getting laid off or losing some type of financial backing which was necessary for them to buy the home.

Another reason why this could have cancelled is due to a “seller” issue. Maybe the seller did not want to budge when it came to the buyer asking for a credit for the repairs. In this circumstance – the seller still does not have the power to cancel the deal, the buyer would have to back out!

This may have been the “straw” that broke the camels back when it came to the buyer/seller relationship.

We are currently working on an article, “Why Escrows don’t make it to the Finish Line” – It’s a work in progress :)

Here is what I needed my buyers to understand with this type of “pre cancellation” listing activation.

The real estate agent did not receive the signed “cancellation of escrow” agreement back from the buyer.

This may have been done as a preemptive strike against the buyer, in an attempt by the listing agent, to get them to start performing.

It could be that the buyers lender is still saying they will get it done, when they are not going to be able to.

It could be that the buyer feels they were treated unfairly and are attempting to hold the sellers sale hostage by not signing the “cancellation”.

The bottom line, as I explained, is this. The deal, the “previous escrow” will still continue until the formal cancellation is signed and executed by all parties involved.

It could go as far as having all parties hiring attorneys and suing one another. However, the home cannot sell until this matter is cleared up in some “official” way.

Thanks for taking the time to read what we are speaking about and we hope to help you soon, if we are not or haven’t already…


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