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Change of prices in the Santa Clarita ValleyWe monitor the Santa Clarita real estate markets very closely. Here is our latest real estate radio show talking about the price changes in the SCV cities.

Are those sellers in the current market increasing their listing prices?  Maybe they are reducing them?

Have a listen to our Daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show to find out what they are doing in reference to their price changes.

Make sure you tune into our Daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show to find out more about the local SCV Real Estate market.

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I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Santa Clarita and our Paris911.com Real estate Team.

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High Speed Rail Meeting Coming Up in Santa Clarita Valley

Mayor Marsha McLean sent this email out and is requesting attendance by EVERYONE (see attachment).   We need 2000 peeps at Canyon High.   April 27, 2014 at 7 pm.   Spread the word.     CAN WE COUNT ON YOU?

This is not to STOP the High Speed Railthis is to keep it away from Schools, Churches and Homes!

If we don’t show Community Support, the California High Speed Rail Authority will ignore our requests.    We have support from Supervisor “Mayor” Antonovich, Assemblyman Scott Wilk, Senator Sharon Runner and all our elected officials—including and especially the City of Santa Clarita.

Come and learn, show your support for YOUR City!    See you there.

High speed rail

What about other real estate agents, do they exist?

representation is worth itIt’s funny, when you write as much content as I do about my craft – Real Estate, you come across a bunch of interesting topics when reading stuff by other’s.

One of the things that some will tell you, as a real estate agent that is writing content, is to never mention “other real estate agent”.

For they say it will start the “readers” wheels turning in their head and they may start looking around for those “other real estate agents…”

What do I believe, I say “hogwash” to that, as “Mr Burns” on the “Simpsons” would say.

I don’t want those to use me because they believe I’m the only real estate agent in the world.

I want people to utilize my services because they know I’m the best real estate agent in their world.

When it comes to buying a home, you need a representative.

When it comes to selling a home, you also need representation.

Actually – you don’t need a real estate agent…

Let me be totally transparent and violate more of what those “online” think and say, you don’t actually need a real estate agent to do either.

You could do it yourself – explore that online.

If that is not a good fit, you representing yourself, then contact me. I’d love to interview for the job of being your Real Estate Agent.

Calling REMAX of Santa Clarita Realtors

It still amazes me that some folks don’t have a phone number on their websites.

It further amazes me that those that do don’t answer their phones or make you wait through the longest voice mail Call REMAX of Santa Claritagreeting in the world.

Then others, during their voice mail message, tell you when they will be returning calls. Those are the type that will almost never pick up when you call them.

A Bad Voice Mail Greeting

Example: “Hello, thank you for calling Kolleen with ABC124 Realty, I’m sorry I missed your call – I am currently serving my clients real estate needs. I will be returning calls today between 12 and 1 and again between 4 and 5pm. Please leave me a detailed message and I will be calling you back between the times mentioned. Please leave me your phone number twice, even if I already have it. I look forward to calling you back and thanks for calling Kolleen with ABC124 Realty. If you want faster service – try texting me your request…”

Ok – now that my fingers hurt from typing a message I hear very often when calling other Realtors about their real estate listings that my real estate buyers are interested in, this is brain numbing.

The worst example of customer/client service in real estate. – slow and methodical.

It’s painful to type, let alone to listen to.

The breakdown…

“Hello, thank you for calling…”  I’m sure the caller knows who they are calling and that you are thankful.

“Sorry I missed your call…” They know you are “sorry”, especially if they realized they missed earning money in your representation.

“Currently serving clients real estate needs…” – Or sleeping :)

“Returning Calls between..” – This is just plain silly. Call your Clients back at the next possible moment!

“Leave me a detailed message…” Why not save your breath and let them know when they call you back?

“Phone number twice…” Not a bad idea – I get that – Cellular technology is not perfect…

“I look forward to calling you back…” Of course they do.

“Faster service…  Text….” OMG – are you kidding?

Why not start the message by saying – “Text me at this number – thanks…”

That would save the caller a lot of time and energy listening to the long winded real estate message.

The REMAX of Santa Clarita – Paris911 Team Message

“Please Leave your phone number and message after the beep and we will call you back ASAP! We are REMAX  Real Estate! – Get our FREE Real Estate resources online at Paris911.com”.

“Please” – courteous.

“Leave your phone number…” Sometimes people forget :)

“We are…” Just in case they want to verify who they are calling…

“Get FREE” – Search, home valuation, property monitoring and the actual MLS systems.

Thanks for reading and let us know how we may serve you when you are ready…

Who’s side is your real estate agent on?

100 percent real estateThe answer should be simple. Yours. Your real estate agent should be on your side 100%.

Not on the sellers side, not on their brokers side, not on the Board of Realtors side, but your side.

Talking about 100% – did you know it’s impossible to have more than 100% loyalty?

One hundred percent is all anyone can ask for.

I’m sure you have heard of people giving it 110%.  While a nice theory – and while that may “motivate” people to get close to 100%, it’s mathematically impossible as it relates to loyalty and effort.

So hence your Realtor being 100% on your side – that would change the “world view” of realtors across the board, if they would attempt to work for their clients with 110% effort.

When you are ready to buy a home, you should prepare by selecting a few agents to interview.

Be weary of the 110 percent thing. Sometimes, this may indicate over promising.

When your loan is 110 percent guaranteed, again – you maybe setting up yourself for a heart break.

You will know soon enough if your Real Estate agent is on your side as much as they should be.

When you start viewing homes, see the items the agent is pointing out. Is it all “good – great – wonderful?”  Or are they looking at the home as if they were going to buy it and live there?

The second scenario will be a better fit for you. If they are sizing up your investment into real estate as if they are spending the money, they are very close to being aligned with my 100 percent theory.

Remember, your realtor should make you feel comfortable, informed and be all about you achieving your real estate goals.

Have a great day, thanks for taking the time to read our 100 percent real estate agent post.

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