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Real Estate has a lot of moving parts with regard to it’s processes. Most people hire a Realtor when purchasing or selling real estate.

This article is not about convincing you on hiring your own Realtor and why you should not Hire the Listing Agent.

I am not going to get into the “us versus them” mentality.

I want to show you what buyers and sellers are saying reference to the most important services their Realtor provided within the transaction.

Thus Far, in 2014 – 88 percent of people used a Realtor with their real estate transaction.

They had some things to say about those they hired and the purpose they served.

  • 79 percent of home buyers needed a Realtor to find the right home
  • 75 percent of home buyers needed help negotiating on price
  • 60% needed a Realtor to negotiate the terms of the sale
  • 56% of sellers needed our services in determining comparable sales
  • 30 percent of the real estate interested needed us in determining affordability

There are a lot of other items a Top Realtor brings to the table, with regard to client representation.

My suggestion is interview 3 Top Realtors and choose one in which to work with. This rule applies to you, whether you want to buy or sell real estate.

REMAX of Valencia Agents Negotiate real estate

Finding the right home

Searching online is one thing, but you need to look at the home you are wanting to buy before you buy it, right? That is a necessary step and a savvy Realtor will be able to explain the home buying process before you look at property number one.

Negotiating on Price

This is where the rubber meets the road. When agents battle it out for obtaining the best price for a real estate buyer and seller. While Dual Agency, representing both a buyer and seller in the same transaction by the same agent, is allowed in California, it’s hard to battle it out with oneself.

Working the other agent over, to get the “BEST offer” accepted, is truly an art and only should be attempted by a skilled negotiator.

Negotiating the Terms of the Sale

Who is going to pay what? Who is going to pay the buyers closing costs? The Buyer wants the seller to repair the bathroom sink, fix a tile on the roof and replace the carpet in the master bedroom – someone needs to be on your side representing you.

By refusing, will the deal fall out of escrow? Will the buyer walk?  How about by the mere asking, will the seller cancel escrow? By agreeing, what if the “repairs” are not to the buyers liking, what then? A Top Realtor will give you answers to these questions and walk you through the yes’s and no’s.

We are the REMAX of Valencia CA Team of Realtors and are glad to be of service.



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We have been publicizing our real estate radio shows for quite some time, approaching 1000 episodes – we do a Real Estate Radio Show each and every day.

Here is our weekly recap, then I will get into where you can find a new resource, our Radio Show Santa Clarita real estate radio showNotes for your recap pleasure :)

  • Market Mondays - We get into the real estate market and look to the Santa Clarita real estate data directly from our Research Company that we have hired for our clients. We digest the data and get placed in our Radio Show format for your listening pleasure :)
  • Travel Tuesdays - When The Paris911 Team at REMAX builds a resource website, something that will make it easier for our clients or give them a particular advantage, we like to talk about it. You will see what is new and exciting in real estate here!
  • REO Wednesdays - Where have you been searching for the foreclosure data and information on the world wide web? Maybe it’s bad data or you are surfing a website that has been built around lead generation? We give the insight on Foreclosures, distressed real estate and pre foreclosures – the best ways to search and how you may be able to save those greenbacks in  your pocket.
  • Truth in Lending Thursdays - Where is the current market headed today with regard to the real estate lending world? How about the best ways to get the best deal possible when wanting to secure a lender to lend you money with regard to a re-fi or a home purchase. We talk about the “insider activity” with regard to the lending world.
  • Finale Fridays - What has this week brought the Santa Clarita Valley cities and where are the numbers as they relate to sold properties, homes that experienced price changes, those real estate listings that fell out of escrow and much more.
  • Sold Saturdays - addressing the Sales prices versus past sales prices and overall market health and condition. Are homes selling for less than they were a few months ago? What about the numbers as they related to the sales prices this week as compared to last?
  • Open Houses Sundays - What a real estate seller really needs to know about having their home hosted open. Should there be cause for alarm? What about buyers that are visiting open houses, how can you best protect yourselves? Our Open House Resource for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities is available at and updates every 7 to 15 minutes – this is the platform we utilize when speaking about the available open houses being hosted in our Valley and Beyond!

This is our Real Estate Radio Show format – we do our best to break down each and every show on our Main Santa Clarita real estate website, speaking about the current market and covering the “translation” from audio to text.

I take the top items and place them in bullet point format for easier digestion :)

While at the home page of our Paris911 real estate website, you can type in the words –    show notes    – into the MacBoX to check out the latest week brought to you by the Paris911 Team of Realtors at REMAX of Valencia CA.


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