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Search all SCV for real estateSome people just like the fact they are working with a REMAX Realtor.

I get that – because we work with the REMAX brokerage and are very happy. Most agents move around a lot when it comes to working at specific real estate companies. They are always on the move jumping to the patch of grass that seems to be greener.

In our case – we have been with REMAX since 1998 and are happy to say we have not deviated very much, except in the very beginning, during the first 6 months, after having become licensed as Realtors.

Since that time we consult and represent our clients, with regard to real estate, in the Santa Clarita Valley and the greater Los Angeles Areas – However, there are times when our clients are not interested in conducting any real estate business in those areas.

We have built a system that helps our clients “Find a REMAX Agent” in the areas where we don’t frequent with our Real Estate representation.

This is the system of which I have been speaking.

The best asset about this system is it is all about our clients and those whom we work with.

We are active within the Los Angeles AreasHowever, some of our clients are wanting to buy homes in Riverside – Corona – Las Vegas – Idaho – etc.

They like the way we provide for their real estate representation and want us to find someone in the business that has our similar work ethic.

We built our “Refer me to a REMAX Agent” system set up for those people whom we know and work with in real estate.

We also do this “re/max refer an agent”, for people that we don’t know personally, that use the form on this page to inquire.

Reach out to us via this form or you can call the phone number at the top of this page to speak with me directly. Just let me know what you want me to find – where you want the REMAX Real Estate agent located and I’ll take care of the rest.

It will also be important, when we connect, to let me know if you want a Listing Specialist, wanting to sell your home. A Relocation Specialist – one of those REMAX Realtors that can take it from A to Z. Or a Buyers Specialist – A REMAX Agent that is all about Buyer representation!

Santa Clarita real estate daily is out 2456891.1708

Total real estate listings in Valencia CAThe Santa Clarita real estate daily is out and we have just completed another Santa Clarita Radio Show talking about homes, real estate, the numbers and best ways in which to deal.

We covered the proper salutations for all times of day. We are HQ’d in the SCV Areas – Serving Greater Los Angeles.

Today, we did our radio podcast. We are the longest running podcast for real estate in Santa Clarita Valley. You can find Paris911 on iTunes, Stitcher, Blog Talk radio and Soundcloud.

Paris – A person – team leader of our RE/MAX of Valencia CA Team.

911 – Another Person – Connor MacIvor – LAPD for a long time :)

Notes from The Radio Show for Santa Clarita real estate:

  • Open house going to be held by yours truly – Oakriver Lane – Santa Clarita
  • Lender will be on hand, as will Lisa B. Kaul – my Lieutenant
  • 17 new real estate listings
  • 17 homes had their prices changes
  • 12 properties fell out of escrow
  • 9 properties in Santa Clarita entered escrow in backup
  • 14 properties in the SCV went into the pending status
  • Price Changes – Up or Down?  They are coming down from the listing prices
  • Majority are price reductions – Sellers are changing their listing prices
  • They usually give the listing 2 or 3 weeks before reducing their listing price
  • Creekside in Valencia CA – We have built an online system
  • Newhall Ranch Road and McBean – the North West Corner
  • From the 5 freeway – exit McBean – turn right at the offramp – heading east.
  • Driving by Cal Arts – Pass Henry Mayo Hospital – Granary Square
  • Starbucks, Habit – Ralphs Fresh Fare market
  • You pass all of these things – the YMCA, the Valencia CA mall
  • Whole foods, another starbucks, the Westfield mall in Valencia
  • Past Pavilions, Olive Garden, Black Angus and the “closed down” Elephant Bar
  • Past – Newhall RR – Walgreens, Kabuki, Soci, and CPK
  • Then Creekside is on your left
  • Access point to Creekside in Valencia CA
  • Searching online – dangerous – unless a local agent is running the site
  • You want to only use real estate sites that have the actual MLS data
  • Back up is supposed to be homes that wish to entertain other offers
  • Open Escrow – A couple more for back up
  • That “other Weapon” as a cop – you want a back up
  • Punch into the macbox “Valencia Creekside” without the quotes
  • 7 real estate listings currently for sale in Creekside of Valencia

Enjoy our daily Santa Clarita real estate show. We love to help our real estate clients find what they are looking for when wanting to buy or sell real estate.

One of the things that you will want to make sure of is that the agent you choose knows their craft :)

Be safe – Search well and reach out to my Team when you are ready. Don’t forget to visit our open houses this weekend.

We will have fun stuff to assist you on your real estate search online:

Additional Resource: Get the true value of your Valencia CA home and real estate

Additional system: Monitor the real estate you own or those you wish to buy

Adaptive real estate tools provided for our Real Estate Clients

Make sure you have a listen to today’s real estate radio broadcast on Stitcher Radio ——>

The funny thing is that people are still different no matter how “techy” the world becomes.

I have embraced technology, but I realize that not everyone that we work with likes to do business using technology.

However, most of the clients, that we are working with, like being able to answer a phone call, from anywhere, when we find that “perfect” property for them.

But, some of our clients don’t do “real estate apps”. You also won’t find them on searching for real estate.

They don’t Zillow – they don’t do Trulia, and they could care less about

The edge in our real estate business is knowing who likes what. Who is “app savvy” and will want to use that and then making sure I can provide it for them.

Not one of those syndication website Apps, that may place my clients personal information in jeopardy. I’m talking about something they can use to get the info they are looking for without getting harmed.

In order to make this happen, I am continually searching for technology that will benefit our real estate clients, I test the items, and I pay for those items and I put them into play.

As stated in the beginning of our Santa Clarita Daily Show, some of our clients want to get the phone call and some want to get a text message when the perfect home is on the market, we cater to both and everyone in between.

The Santa Clarita Daily Market Report:

Santa Clarita valley price changes

The local Santa Clarita markets are moving – but as you can see we are still reporting price reductions on the current real estate for sale.

On this screen shot, I’ll give some insight as to what the terms mean:

City – Sau is Saugus, Val is Valencia, Canc is Canyon Country, SR is Stevenson Ranch, Newh is Newhall.

Area – Bouq is Bouquet Canyon, Valn is Valencia North, Val1 is Valencia 1, Copn is Copper HIll North, Can1 is Canyon Country 1, Sosr is South Stevenson Ranch, New1 is Newhall 1, and Vlwh is Valencia West Hills.

Sale Type – NOD is Notice of Default, Spay is Short Pay, Std is a Standard Sale.

BR/BA – Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

The local market action during the past 24 hours breaks down in this way.

12 new real estate listings have entered the for sale market in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

13 of the real estate listings have had their prices changed in the SCV Cities.

Santa Clarita CA real estate numbers

9 Real Estate listings have fallen out of escrow and have entered the real estate market once again.

10 real estate listings just started the escrow process with offers having been accepted by their sellers. (happy buyers for sure).

4 real estate listings expired(did not sell within the contractual time frame).

12 real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley had their escrow status changed to Pending Status.

8 real estate listings have sold and closed escrow in the past 24 hours in Santa Clarita Valley.

Have a great day everyone – be safe – search well and reach out to my Paris911 Team at REMAX of Valencia CA when you are ready to move.

BB a dismal 5, HS 100, HP 10, DB 10+10 








Local Santa Clarita Real Estate Companies

Local Santa Clarita Real Estate Companies

When searching for real estate – we always want the “real estate interested” to use local resources.  They will know the area, they understand the inventory, and know the in’s and out’s to getting their clients offers accepted.

In fact, both Paris and I have our Limit as far as our “reach” within Southern California – and from the Santa Clarita Valley.  We call it our “comfort zone” with regard to real estate.  Have a look at our Comfort Zone. —>Santa Clarita real estate

When we have those of you looking outside of our comfort zone – We have other options to serve those clients.  We operate our REMAX Relocation System and have technology in place to serve those clients as if we were their sole representatives.

It starts out with a Relocation Network that spans the entire United States of America.  We then develop relationships on a referral basis with other “top producing real estate agents”.  To Demonstrate that we love the REMAX Brand, but ultimately want our clients to get the BEST in Service and Protection – not all of those agents in our referral network are with REMAX.

In fact, we have agents from Coldwell Banker, Realty Executives, Keller Williams, Troop real estate, and others that make up our Referral Agents Network.

If you are looking for Local Santa Clarita Real estate agents – we are your “go to” REMAX Team of Paris911 associates.  But if you are venturing outside of our comfort zone – give us a call and let us run the interference for you!

What is on the schedule today Napoleon in Santa Clarita

What is on the schedule today Napoleon in Santa Clarita

After watching “Napoleon Dynamite”, too many times, I ask Paris this question most mornings, “What are you going to do today Napoleon…”

The Santa Clarita Schedule – in Thousand Oaks

Today, we are headed out to Thousand Oaks, to list a new Bank Owned home.  Located on Surrey Court – it is a large home with a pool, on a cul-de-sac.  This is one of those “assigned” homes that required several court appointments and an eviction.  When I showed up with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department the home was filled with trash and was totally neglected.

After speaking with the neighbors, I concluded that the “previous owners”, had just driven away, moments before the Sheriff’s had Arrived.

This home will be posted everywhere on the Net after about 7 days with our abilities – so just run through Google – “Surrey Real Estate” and it will pop so you can view the price and the photos.

Another Foreclosure in Tesoro Del Valle – Valencia

Placing Flyers and ensuring that the Bank’s Listings are not neglected – I will be also going to a street named Via Milagro in the Tesoro are of Valencia CA.  This is another Bank Owned home that we have been “in process” with regard to getting it ready for sale.

This home is over 3400 square feet and is located on a street that seems to be well taken care of.  I have spoken with several of the neighbors and they demonstrate that “pride of ownership”, it comes across very transparently.

We will have the new photos – Video and everything else we do to market our Seller’s listings completed and uploaded today.  It usually takes about 7 or so days, for all of the internet “real estate listing hubs”, to all pick up our Real Estate for Sale Build Outs.

I’ll post a couple of Video’s on You Tube with Each of these assets that will be for sale on the Multiple Listing Service today, so you can see them before you view them in person, if interested.

Why Local Real Estate agents are not the “solve all”

I can hear it now, “Watch it Connor, you always say to work with Local Real Estate agents…” – I do and I am not changing my opinion, however – there is a “but” to this statement.  You have to go with your gut, you have to interview those whom you are hiring, you have to feel comfortable with your choice.  Ask the agent you are interviewing what the advantage is if you list or buy through them, if it is not “within their area”.  Heck, ask them the question even if you are buying in their backyard.

Being comfortable and being able to give you the best service will be paramount.  When it comes to listing a home for sale, I know for a fact that can be accomplished from anywhere, “San Jose Anyone…”, if the agent knows their way around the “Real Estate internet marketing channels…”  The “Brokers Open” is something that is highly overrated(at least in our market).

So, if like the agent you are choosing to list your home,  you feel comfortable with them and want them to list it – it matters not where they are from, as long as they are a Realtor and are a FULL local Board of Realtors Member in Good Standing.  (This is critical – if they are not a member of the Local Multiple Listing Service or local Board of Realtors – Don’t Hire Them – that will hurt no matter how comfortable you are with them…)

The Rest is up to  you

Being able to live in a society that allows “WE THE PEOPLE” the “choice” is really taken for granted.  I know that I think of how Blessed we are to live in a country that has the strongest standing militarily in the world.  I had a Training Officer on the LAPD, back in 1991.  His name was Lynwood Howe.  He had me nicknamed “horsefly”.  I will remember one of his statements of advice to me, “Pick and choose your friends wisely, Horsefly…”  Thanks Lynwood, that has severed me very well, so far :-)

Misleading the public with failure to update the true status on a property in the Multiple Listing Service

Misleading the public with failure to update the true status on a property in the Multiple Listing Service

It is not so much the “status” of a particular property that is apparently for sale, it is the failure to update that Status to render true.update real estate listings

Here is the breakdown.  There are several statuses of properties that are in the Multiple Listing service

Active is where my gripe enters this post.  Those properties that are showing active are in the “public’s” view.  The “searching for real estate” public can see “active” listings on Redfin,,,, Trulia, Zillow, and others.  If it is showing active, then it is showing up on those sites as being available for purchase.
Some Back-up status listings show up as active on some of these Large Real Estate Lead Generation systems also (that is another story for another time).  Just use Local Resources so you don’t have your personal information sold or traded to the “hungry agent” bunch. :-)
Each of these terms above – active, backup, pending, sold, and the others are all MacBoX capable.  Below you will see our MacBoX – type anyone of those terms into it to see what they specifically mean.
Here is the video I did that further explains the frustration that the “good” agents have against those that are not updating the MLS when their sellers properties are no longer “active”.

Remax of Santa Clarita. Each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.
(661)284-5429. DRE info: Paris MacIvor (01256647) and Connor MacIvor (01238257)

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