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real estate and business newsListing and selling real estate in Santa Clarita and Valencia California takes some really “focused” work within the internet circles.

Advertising real estate consists of giving buyers what they want when surfing the online channels.

Here is an example – When you click on the link for a recently taken Valencia CA home we are selling, you will land on a page where you are seeing many photos of the specific real estate listing.

However, that is not all – It’s not just a player – the page is full of great neighborhood information including other intel which buyers find helpful when searching for real estate online.

First – what you will find on some Syndication Websites is a full description – this lives on this page. Photos – you see those online as well. Maps and Local – this is where the Syndication websites start to get fuzzy. Schools – We are now above the crowd. Then – Connecting to us, the real live listing agents within our offices, “Schedule a showing/request info” – that is where ours breaks away totally from the real estate syndication websites.

Let the SPAM Begin…

You see, you are going to get hammered with spam when you are not on the actual MLS and request information by those powers that be.

Those websites monetize your personal and private information. They do this by selling to real estate agents who are willing to pay for it and there are a bunch of those in the world.

Bringing Buyers to our Sellers…

Search all real estate for sale – this system will take you to the actual multiple listing service.

What is my home worth? – this system will give you intel on what your home is worth and will have me work up the most accurate numbers when I use the “buyer drive factors” and “Top Sales Experience” to determine the current value of your home – Santa Clarita or elsewhere in Southern California.

Find homes Closer to where you work – Of course, everything is in the title – if you work in Studio City and want to buy a residence closer to where you work – this is your option. Anywhere in Southern California, within the Santa Clarita Valley and in Valencia, you will the most current listings that are close to where you work!

The Foreclosure Listings

Free Foreclosure and Bank Owned Lists – Foreclosures, everyone wants to get a handle on distressed real estate listings. This is your way in which to do just that. Bank Owned real estate, short sales which are in process, the investor owned distressed real estate listings and more. Each will be gathered and you will be given the “non dangerous” on line resources so you can search as I do for Foreclosures and Bank Owned real estate listings.

Nice to meet you…

I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia. I’m Proud to serve you with regard to all of your real estate needs.  Please reach out to us and have a listen to our Santa Clarita real estate radio show.

This week in Santa Clarita real estate 2015:306

Santa Clarita housing ExpertsWe are experiencing the holiday – Fall/Winter Slowdown in real estate.

This trend is verifiable in all of the Southern California Cities, even amongst the new construction and new builder sites.

Read More: New Homes in Southern California

During this past week we are watching as the longer escrow time frames, due to the additional disclosure requirements, are slowing down the sales of real estate.

While on a weekly basis we had been closing somewhere above 100 units each week – Santa Clarita has been in the 60-80 range since the start of October.

Two forces can be at work and making this the case – it could be the holiday slowdown in conjunction of the new disclosure rules – or varying amounts of each.

The best thing you can do as a buyer and or a seller of real estate is to get educated.

Make sure you are prepared to buy a home or sell real estate. That can only happen when you start at the “crash course” on real estate.

Sellers: Here is the intel you need before we meet

We have topics we cover like our fit to sell series (see the link above this text).

It’s important for you to get all of the information before embarking on a journey that will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or more!

We do that – just reach out and we will take great care of you.

Market Monday’s broadcast notes:

For our Market Mondays broadcast – here is the intel we will be covering within the Santa Clarita Valley CitiesL

  • 75 new real estate listings hit the market for sale this week in Santa Clarita Valley – View the new listings here
  • During this past week – 51 homes that were for sale had their prices changed and a majority of them were reductions from listing price to listings price.
  • There were 35 Santa Clarita residences that had their escrows cancelled and entered back onto the for sale market.
  • 59 properties entered into escrow.
  • 10 real estate listings expired and did not sell during their contractual time frame
  • 44 real estate listings were entered into the pending status – in an attempt to show the buyers are securely in place and the sellers don’t want any further interruptions or showings.
  • 82 real estate listings sold, closing escrow this week in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Don’t get taken by searching dangerous housing sites

For this week’s show stopper – we are going to speak about finding the new housing listings. New – not as in new construction or new builders – but new, as just becoming for sale

Where can you find them without having to worry about having your personal and private information sold, traded or otherwise getting spammed to death?

Once you arrive at our home search engine, you will see that it is different than anything else online. It has 100% of the permissions necessary to publish all of the MLS – multiple listing service in Southern California.

This is where the advantage is when it comes to our SCVnest system? It’s not a syndication website – it’s not zillow, nor trulia, nor Redfin, nor, nor any of the “agent review websites”.

It’s mine. My system, my real estate search engine. We are those who see any information you desire us to sell.

We represent clients. We work with those who want to buy or sell in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and we are not gaming anyone!

Have a GREAT week – We will see you tomorrow while we float around on our blog and have our travel Tuesdays Broadcast about what resources we have provided to make real estate experience better.


How to get the best deal on your interest rate

Santa Clarita real estate marketWelcome to our daily Santa Clarita real estate radio show. I’m Connor MacIvor, your host with out the most :)

Today we are going to be getting into the question of how to get the best deal on your interest rate when it comes to buying real estate or refinancing.

There is a very simple way to do just that, but first let’s get into our Market Update Monday’s broadcast.

I want to bring to your attention that we are hosting a seven day a week radio show that will give you the proper intel to do anything in real estate. Go To to see it in it’s full glory!

New Listings in Santa Clarita real estate

77 reported new real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley – to view all of them go to and use our multiple listing service system.

56 of those were Single Family Residences –  13 were classified as Condo’s – 6 were of the townhouse variety. 2 were manufactured homes.

Santa Clarita listings with price changes

Price changes in Santa Clarita ValleyThis one is about typical for the type of market we are in.

Hard to judge where a price change is going to take place within a listing agreement.

However, some games that are played have to do with the “Sell your home guaranteed” program that is out and about.

That is where you will have the agent practically wine and dine you into believing if he cannot sell your home he will buy it or give you a certain amount of money.

The part of this process that is hidden behind the scenes has to with the mandatory price reductions that have to take place on the home this, “home sold guaranteed”, agent’s listing.

You will see the green arrows represent increases in listing price.

When properties are increased between listing price to listing price – those changes are typically distressed short sale listings that have a price agreed on by the bank. A price that does not match the listing agent’s estimate of value for the home.

Professional CMA

It also results in buyers canceling escrow, not being able to move forward with the purchase because they can no longer qualify for the “new higher amount”.

This is one of the reasons why it is so important to ensure you are having a professional CMA performed on the real estate. We do this for every single seller we encounter.

Short Sale Increases

We also do this for our Short Sale Sellers as well. They need to know that the first time at the plate, we are going to swing and connect. We need at least a base hit the first time out.

Sometimes the banks don’t give us a second attempt at bat. Sometimes they call it one and done.

I don’t even want to go there with my sellers. I want to be the hero – not the ZERO!

Interest Rates – how do you get the best deal

Where are you going to get your loan from? Are you buying a home that is going to require you get a brand new loan? This is called “origination” – the act of getting a brand new loan on a home.

The home can be re-sale or brand new itself – that is still an “Origination” type of loan.

The other type of loan is a refinance. RE-FI’s, as you may have heard of them, sometimes carry a higher interest rate, depending.

Either way, how do you know you are getting the best deal on the interest rate?

Where to find the current Interest Rate

You need a place to go to check what the current rate happens to be. The place I go to “double check” the rate today is “Bank” – no space :)

Just hover over the widget on the right side of the Screen – and you will see the “refinance” rate and the “mortgage” rate pop up.

If you are buying a home and this is a new loan – then you want to see the rate that is under the “mortgage” tab.

If you are refinancing to take money out or to lower your interest rate – then you want the “refinance” rate.

Ask your lender, if they are, why their rate is higher than what you are seeing at bank Also – Never give up your personal information on systems like that – it will be sold in the form of a lead – be careful!

I’m Connor – thanks for watching! – We will be back tomorrow with our Travel Tuesdays Broadcast – where to find the best real estate info online!!!

Santa Clarita real estate on Pinterest for Representation

Google+We are the Local Santa Clarita Realtors and we are on Pinterest.

Follow RE/MAX of Valencia’s Paris911 Team of Realtors’s board Santa Clarita Real Estate on Pinterest.

SCV Realtors on PinterestThe Santa Clarita Realtors on Pinterest – We make sure to keep our Pinterest Page update for Santa Clarita real estate.

One of the things most agents, whom you are interviewing, won’t tell you is the fact they need to be present on all of the social media websites.

When it comes to having photos taken of any of our Real Estate Listings – Pinterest is the key.

Our Santa Clarita real estate sellers benefit from our Pinterest Feed.

They get the added exposure, above and beyond the real estate syndication websites, in this way they are “searchable” on the Pinterest Platform.

Real Estate Sellers have the edge when working with our Team. We don’t cut corners when it comes to advertising our real estate listings.

That is why Discount versus Non Discount – is the key to ensuring you getting what you want when it comes to Santa Clarita real estate and your goals.

When we first got into the Santa Clarita Realtor business, we did so because we were taken advantage by the Realtors we hired to represent us. Actually, it was only one realtor. But he did the job of two at screwing up our buying of a Santa Clarita Home.

We came from modest means at that time. I was a full time cop and Paris was a full time student – part time waitress.

It should not have happened to us – but it did. The agent we had hired played many games on us and to have it end finally in a bad way, was something I did not expect.

Santa Clarita Valley housing market forecast 2015.022

When it comes to the local real estate market we are tracking the sold listings, the new inventory and those homes that are entering escrow.

Santa Clarita home showFurthermore, some of the other important factors are those homes that did not sell within the contractual time frames and those that had been cancelled before they sold.

All of these housing types and statuses are important indicators as to the health of the Santa Clarita real estate housing markets.

With a diversity of cities to choose from in the Santa Clarita Valley, it’s important to focus on the city or cities you are interested in.

In Santa Clarita CA we have 8 such cities we are keeping a daily “eye” on with regard to our SCV housing market radio show broadcast.

Acton – Agua Dulce – Castaic – Canyon Country – Newhall – Saugus – Stevenson Ranch and Valencia.

Each of these cities offers different schools, infrastructure, housing types and “rural versus city” living.

Enjoy today’s radio show that was uploaded to our Santa Clarita Valley real estate youtube  channel of SCVmoves.

You can also take advantage of listening to our daily show on our main Paris911 real estate website for our REMAX of Santa Clarita Team. The radio player is front and center with access to our Real Estate macbox.


Santa Clarita real estate news January 6, 2015

Welcome to our Travel Tuesdays Broadcast. I’m Connor MacIvor your host and Santa Clarita home searchesbefore we get into where we happen to be within the “social media” sites of the world, let’s get into the Santa Clarita real estate news.

Resource: See where the SCV Real Estate market maybe strengthening

On the forefront within real estate, we see that there are a couple of new “loan programs” that Fannie and Freddie are offering. Using one of these products will allow you to buy a home/condo/townhome with a 3% down payment.

That is 1/2 a percent less than the comparable FHA Loan.

Sounds sweet – However, it maybe require you to show your ability to “walk on water” with regard to your debt to income ratio and your fico scores. More about that this Thursday on our Truth in Lending Broadcast – Tune in!

7 Day real estate roundup for Santa Clarita:

  • 73 new Santa Clarita real estate released during the past 7 days. (more info type the word: new into the MacBoX at to see the new listings)
  • 29 real estate listings had their prices changed
  • 26 homes fell out of escrow, and are back on the market, in the SCV Cities :(
  • 26 homes entered escrow in backup status :)
  • 41 homes did not sell during their contractual time frame and expired
  • 12 homes were changed/entered the pending status reference to escrow
  • 71 real estate listings closed escrow and have new owners in Santa Clarita Valley!

Current Inventory Levels – Santa Clarita CA

  • There are 545 Active real estate listings currently for sale in Santa Clarita Valley
  • We have been monitoring 184 real estate listings in the SCV that are in BackUp Position within escrow (more info – type the word: backup into the macBox at
  • 158 real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley are pending currently (ready to close escrow) (more info – type the word: pending into the MacBoX at

If you are seeing different numbers than these advertised on the Big Real Estate Syndication websites, or anywhere online, be weary. Do what our clients do, get a fake email address before embarking on searching for homes on those websites!  That way you can remain SPAM FREE!

Email Question for our Show!

Definitely real estate related, and a perfect fit for our Travel Tuesdays real estate news show.  BTW – thanks Diane, your query did have an influence on Today’s Santa Clarita Housing news show.

Diane Foley – from the Visual Sense, a client and friend, asked where the realtor’s gather on social media.

I have to admit, Diane is the best designer I have ever encountered. She has the “sight” that you want when it comes to hiring a designer. She is diligent, trustworthy and gets the job done in the best way possible.

I shared with her where I am on Social Media and that is where she will be able to find the Realtors and Realty Professionals too. Here is her New Real Estate Graphical Design Website. She is Good as Gold!

Travel Tuesdays Broadcast:

Where is the Paris911 Team within the Social Media Sphere?

We listen on social media, not just plug our wares. We also talk about our clients experiences so you may grow from the knowledge and know the best ways how to protect yourselves when it comes to the most expensive investment of your life, your Real Estate.

Here is where our team is on the major social media channels.

We have a facebook fan page for our Paris911 Real Estate Team and do postings about local real estate inventory and our real estate sellers/buyers stories that I write about in article form.

Sharing the local real estate data and our clients experiences would not be complete without our Santa Clarita Real Estate team on Twitter.  OMG – hold me back – the wonder of 140 characters of pure real estate goodness :)

Get ready to do some more clicking – we have two more Super Duper social media channels we frequent:

Our real estate team would not be as successful, as we currently are, if it were not for Google Plus. Our Santa Clarita Real Estate company is on Google plus. Besides my account on Google Plus – we have several business pages that will give you specific real estate information related to the Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles Areas.

How about our Santa Clarita Business profile? To do justice for our real estate clients and REMAX Real Estate business, we have to be dug in deeper than “Alabama Ticks” within LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is where you will find my Paris911 Team.

We interact with other business professionals and have built some of the strongest referral bonds within real estate.

And Pinterest – What do people love about searching for homes, decorating ideas, and for other “real estate” fanfare?  They love the Pictures and there is where you find our Pinterest Channel for Santa Clarita REMAX’s Paris911 Team.

Tomorrow’s Realty News Show:

Coming Tomorrow on our Santa Clarita housing news radio show:

You know that Wednesdays mean on our Santa Clarita show – That is when we get into the local real estate data concerning the distressed real estate herein.

We use our Foreclosure Radar system, which is posted underneath the “Foreclosures” tab at and scrub out the local real estate information and data. You will find information that will be of use for those of you that want to invest in real estate and others that may need to have us short sale their home.

We give actual live numbers for current bank owned and foreclosure listings, plus we show you the “potential” distressed real estate listings that maybe hitting the local “for sale” market in the coming months.

Remax of Santa Clarita. Each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.
(661)284-5429. DRE info: Paris MacIvor (01256647) and Connor MacIvor (01238257)

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