Not withstanding “how” we gather the daily Santa Clarita real estate intel – but to show you that we have our Weekly updates by the Paris911 Team of real estate associates.  Where has the inventory gone?  The Santa Clarita real estate for sale market has not had much added as of late.  However, the week right after New Years we always see a bump in the inventory on the market for sale.

BTW – click here to obtain a free list of Foreclosures in any Santa Clarita City.

The Santa Clarita real estate video above is what this weeks intel reports are telling us.  If you want to get your very own Market Reports head over to our BEST Santa Clarita real estate site and type in the word “reports” into the MacBoX   One you do, you will see the access to the reports that we have displayed in the Santa Clarita housing update video, posted on that page.

After you choose your report and enter your email address – you will then get the reports sent to you via email.  They come every week after they are compiled by our Real estate research company that we have hired to put together the local real estate data without modifying it or changing it in any way.  We like them to keep the data straight so our clients get the Santa Clarita real estate market reports in the most accurate way possible.

A side note about why I stress about the data and the way in which it is compiled – It’s because when I am searching on-line I see agents telling everyone to “buy now – this market won’t last long – hurry, if you aren’t buying – you are dying…”

However, they have no data to back this up or they have data that has been manipulated to influence a buying decision.  That “manipulated” data drives me crazy because it’s misleading.

Join us on Pinterest for Santa Clarita real estate agents – we have placed our updated reports in picture form on our Pinterest page.  Below is an example of a report that we posted on Pinterest – Much appreciate and let us know when you are ready for our help.  Being the BEST is not hard – you just have to treat Santa Clarita real estate clients as  you wish to be treated…  “Straight from the Boy Scouts…”


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