Have you been looking for High Pressure and Fast Talking Real Estate Agents?

picture of a map of santa clarita and a google adwords adAre you looking for High Pressure Real estate agents?  I hope that you can appreciate the HUMOR in one of our Ad-Words ads.

With everyone talking about being “Transparent” and “different”, including me and my team.  I wanted to take a break from the norm and throw out some “untruths”.

You know what happened?  I noticed a 35% increase in click through and my Subscriptions to our Real Estate Blogs increased.

Who’d of thunk.  I think people like the refreshing humor in such a “typically stuffy” world that is Real Estate Resale and marketing efforts by Agents.

I have spoken with quite a few people since the ad started and they all had a common thread – “they all thought the ad was so incredibly different – that we had to be Good…”

So, If you have been on the search for High Pressure RE MAX Realty Services, you have finally been able to find a Team that Subscribes to the NON-Transparent approach.

“We Don’t want to grow old with our clients…” :-(

LMAO!!!!  Opposites do Attract – Just look at Paris and I!

Talk with you soon and Be Safe.

RE MAX Real Estate in Santa Clarita and REMAX International

RE MAX Real Estate in Santa Clarita and REMAX International

RE Max Realty balloon with city behind it

RE MAX Realty in Southern California. Click for MLS Search.

RE “MAX” Realty.  Paris and I have been proud members of RE MAX Realty since 1998.  If fact, RE MAX Realty – means Real Estate Maximum.

Today, we have realized that the Strength of REMAX Realty, RE MAX of California and Hawaii and RE MAX International, gives our clients a much more sound advantage.  It is like being a member of “The Home Team” that has the “home team advantage”.

When we are presenting offers, it is hard not to see the amount of respect that we command.  It is one thing to have a deal with someone that you have worked with in the past.  But you really see of the command RE MAX Reality has when you write an offer with an agent that you don’t know.  It is very honoring and that is why we are part of the Strongest Real Estate Company in the world.

Why santa clarita real estateAre there bad agents with REMAX? – Absolutely!!!

Having been with the PD for 17 years as a regular and now as a full line reserve police officer – there were bad apples in the Law Enforcement Profession as well.

Revised 02/15/2012:  We talk about the 800 pound gorilla.  It is nice having one of those in your corner when the largest investment of a person’s life is being made.  JD power reported that REMAX received the NUMBER 1 award for client care and satisfaction.  Just another reason Paris and I are with REMAX.  BTW – Dave Liniger saw a tweet I posted on Twitter – and responded – that is pretty cool…

Voted number 1 Santa Clarita agents

You need to size up all of those who’s services you employ by reading, meeting and talking with them.  You know the “snake oil” types.  You also can identify high pressure.  If someone keeps telling you, “let me be honest….”, you know that might be a warning signal to run.

If you are not working with a Realtor – We want the opportunity to speak with you. I

have just hit on some highlights concerning REBecome a REMAX Agent

MAX Realty – Wait until you meet Paris and I  :-)

Paris MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia – REMAX International Website.

Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Santa Clarita – REMAX International Website.

Remax of Santa Clarita. Each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.
(661)284-5429. DRE info: Paris MacIvor (01256647) and Connor MacIvor (01238257)

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