You have listed your home for sale and signed a contract.  Now you have regrets.  You interviewed several different agents, or might have gone with a family member, or had someone knock on your door that swooned you.  There are a few other ways worth mentioning as well – Maybe a Shopping Cart advertiser, Multi-Pages in one of the Real Estate publications, at the movies, bus benches, billboards, or maybe even on a flyer that was left on your doorstep. 

Paris and I advertise, in fact our budget per year probably exceeds that of all the other agents in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We expend a verifiable (receipts upon request) 70K a year just on publication print.  We have great INTERNET exposure for the listings that we are working with (that is pricey), we are holding firm on a billboard, and do a huge amount of mailing (newsletter, neighborhood activity, our SOI (Sphere of Influence) among-st other things.

What we try not to do is bother, harass, or bombard anyone with something that they do not want.  Door dropping has its place, I suppose, but why not spend the extra money on postage, so I can have someone feel kind of special because I needed to get the database to obtain their name and address.  I had to address the flyer or newsletter with a printer or by hand, I then had to get that item to the post office to have it delivered to the person who’s name was imprinted on it.  I would think that is a bit more personal than having to walk out to your porch and see something that appears to be trash that causes you to exert yourself and do something extra in the throwing away of "stuff" that you had no design in.

How about cold calling – Calling those of you that do not have your phone numbers on the Federal Do Not Call List (Register Here!)- or had an agent that did not remove your phone numbers from the listing as it was expiring or you choosing to cancel the contract?  (I will put together a post on Canceling the Contract in the near future and hyperlink it here) 

You are at home, you get a call from someone that seems to be reading off of a card. (That is because they are folks!)  They are telling you that they are the number one (Number 1) agent in the Santa Clarita Valley Real Estate Community.  Or they are the number one Sales Team.  Or they are the number one Partnership, or they might be the Number One Agents in selling the houses in your community.  They could also be Voted the Number One Agents.  I like the NUMBER ONE agents and they way they make themselves fit that mold.  

My response to getting calls from those that want us to expend our money on their advertising venture, when they tell me they are number one  is, "where do those figures come from?"  What is the nexus for you being number one?  Because, I don’t remember voting on you.  I can’t remember filling any thing out.  In fact, I want to know how you got that figure and what data caused you to be able to factually make that statement of being NUMBER 1?

For the most part, that is when the call is over.  I see the trophies, awards, and the like when those in this industry are trying to impress upon the masses they are number one.  I Might be number one in the month of January in production.  Does that give me the right for the rest of my life to call myself and try to sell myself that way to those of you that might want to buy and or sell a home?  I think not.  What that does it show that I like to twist the truth in order to get your business.  And if that is the case, I want to know how much more that person is going to say that is not true and not verifiable but has the face value of being true, how much indeed?  To what extent and how much will that way of thinking cause me harm.

Here it is – You are number one.  Numero Uno, the Head Cheese, the Big Toe, the Head congana, The chief, the Admiral, General, you are our client and we put all of our clients into that position.  Are we milk-toast and are easily walked upon.  NO!  But we do know something, you are a human being worth of the respect and admiration that has you coming to use Paris MacIVOR and or Connor MacIVOR to purchase a home or sell some Real Estate.  That earns you that position.  We will always let you know what we consider the right thing to do, but you have the final answer and word.  If your final answer and word is too much for us to accept and we are not capable of bringing ourselves into that position, they we will let you know and depart the transaction.  No bad feelings, no worries, sometimes we have to accept that we cannot make all of the people happy all of the time and visa versa. 

Having the maturity to do that very thing – is what separates those of is in this industry that have code and honor and those that are greedy, nitpicky, harsh, high pressure, and number one for no valid reason.

When you are testing the waters and are shopping for someone to represent you in your next Real Estate Dealing in The Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley, or Ventura County, and or elsewhere, make sure that when they are starting off with who is number one, your ears perk up.  If they are number one – where does that leave you?  Number Two?  Second Best ?  Maybe…  Food For Thought – CONNOR with HONOR

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(661)284-5429. DRE info: Paris MacIvor (01256647) and Connor MacIvor (01238257)

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