When doing our research with Post Preparation and Writing, I tend to bump against others that have been writing feverishly.Pink Skull with Paris911

What do you think when someone is blowing their own horn?  Patting themselves on the back?  Saying they are the greatest thing since sliced bread?  Do you wonder if it is really true?  I mean Really True?

Testimonials are fantastic, but when those testimonials are from those that you employ, and you are not a hiring agency, I have to throw a flag on that play.

What if you could call a company and they were to give you the names and numbers for their last 5 clients?  Would that make a difference?  Possibly.  Most of our clientele are all law enforcement officers – that is composed of Police Officers, deputy sheriff’s, Highway Patrol Officers, Firefighters and Teachers(no law enforcement, but in a position of authority just the same).

Do you have any idea how hard it is to lie to anyone of those groups?  They are all lied to on a daily basis.  How about pulling the wool over their eyes – more difficult still.  The nice thing is the accountability in those professions.  We too come from the police world – We were taken when we purchased our first home.  ‘taken’ referring to something that is not a good thing – but a really bad thing.  That was the catalyst to us becoming licensed Real Estate Agents in the first place.  We did not want the same issues we encountered to ever befall a friend, client or relative of ours.

I do a lot of reading, I have to stay on top of the Real Estate issues, games and craft.  I want to know what the others in this industry are doing to change the rules.  Here are the latest 3 rule changers and their pitches:

  • I will sell your home or I will buy it.  (a lot of small print on this type of real estate transaction.  Make sure you really know what you home is worth – the deal of “I’ll buy it” only applies if your home is 10-20% under fair market value (heck, if I could go around buying homes at 20% under market value – I would too!!!)- signing in Blood would not be too far to stretch :-) Type “59 days” into the “MAC BOX” at http://paris911.com
  • We will sell your home for free if you buy through us.  (I like it, but how is the service, how is their Buyer Database, and what kind of traffic can they get you?  Where does their market knowledge start and end?  What about the company – what kind of strength do they have when something goes awry?)
  • High pressure real estate agents masquerading as Rental Companies…  (am I the only guy that wonders how a rental company that also conducts real estate resale – how they can be 100% in any one’s court?  How do I know if a Lease to Own is a better option, in a declining market?  What if I just want to rent or lease for now – how do I know they are the best to use when I do decide to buy a home?  If I own a home that I am considering leasing out – how can I be sure they are going to get me the best renter and not push me into selling?)

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